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The Humber experience 

As an online student, you’ll participate in a variety of interactive and creative learning activities. Listed below we have a selection of some of the courses that we offer. After having a look you can click on one of the boxes here to be taken to the next steps.

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Course Trailers

Humber offers a variety of courses and many different types of fields of study. Listed here are a few examples of what your course might look like. As every course is different, methods and activities may vary in order to deliver the best possible course.

  • addiction banner
  • Introduction to arts and sciences
  • border services banner
  • capacity building banner
  • community services banner
  • discovering dinosaurs
  • ethics banner
  • Writing banner
  • extinction banner
  • health and wellness banner
  • history of technology banner
  • Nutrition banner
  • sociology
  • fundamentals of cyber security
  • visual culture

Course Road Maps

Course Experiences

Course: Sociology of Food – Conventional Farming and the Methods Used by Organic Farming

Course: Introduction to Arts and Sciences – Plato’s Cave — Into the Cave

Course: Border Services – Milestone: Case Review 1