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A learning module is an organized collection of content presented together. It’s a tool where items such as files, folders and tools are added.

Your instructor decides whether to enforce a sequential path through the content in a learning module or allow you to open pages in any order.

Following a Sequential Path – Navigating within Learning Modules

To move from page to page within a module, click the right and left arrow buttons on the top right of the content area.

Course screen shot

Using the Table of Contents

The table of contents displays next to the course menu on the page. You can a move the table of contents below the learning module content area to make more space across the page.

There are three display options available on the header of the table of contents:

  • Minimize
  • Maximize
  • Move to the bottom or the left

How to Move the Table of Contents

Click the (Down arrow icon) to move the table of contents to the bottom of the page to the left, click the left-facing arrow (Up arrow icon) to move the table of contents back.

arrows screen shot

Learning Materials/Modules pdf

On June 1, 2020, Humber College will have Blackboard Ally available in courses. This allow students to click on documents in the course and download alternative versions of them. This is available in both the desktop/web browser versions of Blackboard and the Blackboard App.

Ally provides alternative formats for these file types:

  • PDF files.
  • Microsoft® Word files.
  • Microsoft® Powerpoint® files.
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice files.
  • Uploaded HTML files.

These alternative formats can be generated:

  • OCR’d version (for scanned documents).
  • Tagged PDF (currently for Word, Powerpoint and OpenOffice/LibreOffice files).
  • Mobile-friendly HTML.
  • Audio (MP3 file).
  • ePub.
  • Electronic Braille (.brf).
  • BeeLine Reader.

How do I download the files?

  1. Log into your course and find the file you want.
  2. Open the file menu by clicking on the A after the name of the file.accessibility screenshot
  3. Choose a format.
    choosing format page screen shot

Why do I see “The alternative formats for this file have been disabled”?

Instructor and administrators can turn off alternative formats for an individual content item within a course. For example, on a file uploaded to the course.

For Blackboard App

Find the document and click on the three dots in the heading.

blackboard ally screen shot

For more about Blackboard Ally, check out the Blackboard Ally site or video for more information.

A Mashup combines elements from two or more sources. For example YouTube™, Flickr, and SlideShare you see on Blackboard. Mashups are displayed in the following ways:
Embed, Thumbnail, and Text Link with Player.

How to Create a Mashup Item Using the Content Editor

  1. Navigate to an assignment, journal, or other piece of content.
  2. On the Upload Assignment page, click Mashups.
    mashups menu screen shot
  3. Select Flickr Photo, SlideShare Presentation, or YouTube Video.
  4. On the Search pop-up window, search for content. Type the content name in the Search box and click Go.
  5. On the Search Results page, click Preview to examine the items, or click Select to include the appropriate item.
    search result page screen shotp
  6. On the Create Mashup Item page, you can change the Name of the item. This is a required field.
  7. Set the Mashup Options.
  8. Click Submit.
    create mashup screen shot
  9. On the Upload Assignment page, click Submit.

Mashups pdf

  1. From your group page click Group Wiki under Group wiki menu screen shot

How to Create a Wiki Page

Each newly created course or group wiki requires a first page, which is the home page. You or any course or group member can create the home page. The home page cannot be deleted, but if the wiki is open to editing, it can be edited by any course or group member. The home page and all subsequent pages are created following the same steps.

  1. On the Create Wiki Page, type a Name.
  2. Type text in the Content text box. Format the text and add images, links, multimedia, mashups, and attachments using the functions in the Attachments added using the content editor can be launched in a new window and have alternate text added to describe the attachment.
  3. Click wiki menu screen shot

How to Edit Wiki Content

Any course member can edit a course wiki page and any group member can edit a group wiki page.

When a wiki page is being edited by one user, it is locked to prevent others from editing the same page. If a user tries to edit a page someone else is editing, he or she is informed that the page is currently being edited by another user.

  1. Access the wiki. The wiki topic page appears.
  2. Select the page to review and edit. The wiki page opens in the content frame.
  3. Click Edit Wiki Content next to the page’s title in the content frame.
    group wiki menu screen shot
  4. On the Edit Wiki Page, changes can be made to the name and content of the page. Additional content can be added. Use the functions in the existing text or add links, images, multimedia, mashups, attachments, and link to other wiki pages.
    group wiki menu screen shot
  5. Click Submit.

Select History from a page’s contextual menu to see how the page has been modified, view any version, and compare two versions side by side. The Page History page allows you to retrieve information about the development of any page and see who contributed content. The most recent version of the page appears first. Students cannot delete wiki page versions from the Page History page.

How to Link to Other Wiki Pages

When wiki pages are created they are created in alphabetical order. You may need to reference another page in the wiki. If the wiki consists of many pages, it can be helpful to insert a link to that page right on the page currently being viewed. When creating or editing a wiki page, users can use the Link to Wiki page function in the link to another wiki page within the current wiki.

  1. In the Content text box, position the mouse pointer where a link will be added to another wiki page.
  2. Click the Link to Wiki page function in the Text Editor, represented by several sheets of paper. If there is only one page in the wiki, this function is disabled.
    group wiki menu screen shot
  3. In the pop-up window, select the wiki page to link to from the drop-down list.
  4. Optionally, type a name for the link in the Rename Wiki Page Link text box. If the link is not renamed, the original page title is used as the link.
  5. Click Submit. The link appears in the Text Editor.
    group wiki menu screen shot

How to Create A Group Wiki pdf

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