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New Student Orientation

Welcome to Online Learning

You’re ready to be challenged and inspired, but need some guidance on how this all works. This section of our site will remove any hesitations you may have about starting your online studies and will provide some clarity on your next steps.

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i’m registered. what comes next?

New Student Orientation

If you are taking an online course at Humber College, there are various learning platforms that your course may be taught through. These learning platforms are your online classrooms. The course site is where you will find your course outline, textbook requirements, class materials and meet your fellow students and instructor.  To see what platform you will be using for your course, proceed to the next section.

Question about whether a textbook is required? Generally the instructor will post the text book in the course site and it might be best to wait till you have access to the course to ensure you get the correct book.  Want to check early?  See if yours is listed on the Humber Bookstore site.


Where do I access my course?

Humber College uses a variety of different learning management systems (LMS), Blackboard, Ontario Learn and Education Systems. Please check the course code you are registered in and select the section number at the end of that code, that is applicable to you. Have a look below for more information on our online learning platforms and things you will need to know when taking an online course.

Course code with section 900?
Course code with section 808?
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Access Blackboard

Blackboard is Humber College’s primary Learning Management System and allows us to transform the traditional classroom into the digital realm.

Please note: Students typically get access to their course 3 days before the course start date. The web address is to access your Blackboard course.

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Blackboard Learn.Humber site
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Humber Blackboard Support

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Access Ontario Learn

Humber College is part of the Ontario Learn consortium and is proud to offer students additional online courses from several of Ontario’s Colleges.

Please note: Students typically get access to their course on the start date of the course or within 48 hours of registration. Use the links below to obtain your Ontario Learn User ID and password before logging in.

my ontario learn username
my ontario learn password
login to ontario learn
Download the Welcome Letter
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Ontario Learn Support

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TRAV Courses – Education System

Once you have registered for a Travel Agency Operation course with the Registrar’s Office or online, you should receive an email when access will be provided. Please see below for the login and for FAQ for this program.

NOTE: This program is being discontinued – this program is not accepting new students.

Each course is between 15 to 30 hours long and it must be completed within 90 days of registration.

Login to Education System

Education System Support

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Tips for learning online

  • Remember your instructor and the OLC is here to support you.
  • This is an adjustment for everyone, please be flexible.
  • Online learning can be a new and exciting experience, embrace the opportunity to develop new skills.
  • Make sure to check in with your course regularly, as updates will happen (announcements, course messages, emails, etc.).
  • Stay organized and find a system that works best for you. Be mindful of deadlines and ensure you have sufficient time to complete your course work.
  • Be sure to review your course outline and critical path in your course site(s), as it may be updated throughout the rest of the semester.
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